Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Robert Dixon Scholarship Fund

The Wright State University Foundation has a scholarship fund endowed in honor of Robert Dixon. Bob was the first faculty member hired by Wright State. His first office was in the farm house on the property while the campus was being built. He founded the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science. He served as Chair of both of those departments (some more than once) as well as Vice President of the Faculty and occasionally the Director of the Computer Center. Bob was also my, and many others, mentor and thesis advisor. I first had him as a professor in 1975.

Bob Dixon and John Sloan

Bob is still around, still writing software and doing math, which is his version of enjoying retirement. I had lunch with him back in November when we were both visiting Dayton Ohio, home of Wright State University. I have Bob to thank for much of what I am and have accomplished over the decades. I am pleased to have been able to contribute to the Robert Dixon Scholarship Fund. It would be great for others to do so too. It would also be great to see others honor their mentors in a similar fashion. Perhaps it's time to reflect on how lucky we have been and to whom we owe in part for our good fortune.

Thanks, Bob.

Update (2012-01-20)

I have already been contacted by several old friends and colleagues asking how to contribute to this cause. Write a check, specify that it is to go to the "Robert Dixon Scholarship Fund", and mail it to
Wright State University Foundation
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy.
Dayton, OH 45435
The account is already established and I assure that that the Foundation will be delighted to expeditiously cash your check and send you an official acknowledgement for your generous tax deductible contribution.

You will also have my own undying gratitude and a promise that I will buy you an appropriate beverage of your choice the next time I see you.


Update (2012-03-20)

The Wright State University Libraries and the WSU Retires Association together are sponsoring an oral history project. Here's a link to an interview by Lewis Shupe of Bob Dixon about the start Wright State when it was nothing but a corn field and a farm house!

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