Saturday, February 02, 2013

When You Are Compelled To Create

Linds Redding was a New Zealand-based graphic designer, art director, and animator who spent decades in the advertising industry until he died in October of esophageal cancer. In March he wrote an article for his blog, very widely disseminated among folks in that industry, in which he looked back at his long career. He was writing from the point of view of a creative who knew he was going to die soon. What he says seems to me to be remarkably applicable to other fields of endeavor, maybe even universally so. I would like to write a blog article of my own on this topic, but I could not improve on what Redding has to say. You're better off reading the original article.

A Short Lesson in Perspective

Should Redding's blog disappear, his article can also be found here in its entirety.

The fact is: we are all creatives who are going to die soon.

Many thanks to my friend Mike Kiss for passing this along.

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