Monday, May 06, 2013

In It For the Long Run

Poster Child for Obsolete Computer Skills

Journalist Brian Hall interviews me on what it's like to be the poster child for not letting your tech skills become obsolete in How to Thrive In The Tech Industry For Decades.


Kent England said...

I dimly recall discussing Microwave Bypass Ethernet-on-microwave technology with a John Sloan from Wright State back in 1987. Seems we were both violating Ethernet timing rules and experiencing undetected collisions. I fixed my problem with a "transmit interface" command in cisco IOS that Kirk Lougheed put in there for me. Note sure how yours worked out. :-)

Chip Overclock said...

Hey, Kent! Yes, that would be me. I left Wright State, moving to Colorado, before that was resolved. But I believe that, for mostly unrelated reasons, the University moved the facilities at that remote location in a research park back to the main campus, rendering the project moot. I dimly recall that our biggest issue with the initial deployment of that technology was getting the rooftop microwave dish pointed in the right direction.