Monday, February 03, 2014

Many Digital Aggregates Projects Are Now Available on GitHub

I've used a lot of different source code management systems over the years: SCCS, RCS, CVS, ClearCase, Subversion, Perforce, and Git, as well as some pre-UNIX solutions, depending on what my employer or client of the moment preferred or what was available. Since 1995, Digital Aggregates' own SCM server has migrated from RCS to CVS to Subversion. As part of a gradual shift to Git, I've started hosting some of Company's open source projects in the cloud on GitHub.

This is still very much a work in progress. But since some of my projects licensed here under the GPL (3.0), the LGPL (2.1), or the Apache license (2.0) have found their way into a variety of commercial products and other projects, I thought the use of GitHub might make my and other folks' lives easier.

The tarballs of the projects listed below are still available on the Digital Aggregates web site.

Amigo: FreeRTOS-based C++ system for AVR ATmega Arduino-compatible boards.

Biscuit: mechanism for encrypted Linux system maintenance scripts automated via hot plug.

Buckaroo: Java traffic shaping classes and instant managed beans (recently updated and unit tested).

Concha: examples of object oriented design in C.

Desperadito: useful embedded patterns in C++.

Diminuto: Linux systems programming library in C (recently updated and unit tested).

Hayloft: multithreaded C++ framework for AWS Simple Storage Service.

Lariat: thin C++ layer over Google Test for use in automated unit testing.

Telegraph: collection of C functions useful in non-Linux systems (recently updated and unit tested).

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