Tuesday, May 22, 2018

An Easy Home-Brew Stratum-1 GPS-Disciplined NTP Server

This here is my latest, and simplest, home brew, GPS-disciplined, NTP server: "Candleclock" a.k.a. "O-4". If you wanted to leave out the battery-backed-up real-time clock and the LCD display, which are really just convenience features, you could put one of these together on your lunch break out of a Raspberry Pi (here, a 3 B+)


a NaviSys GR-701W USB GPS receiver which supports 1PPS

NaviSys Technology GR-701W

and some open source software. (The guy that sells the GR-701W on Etsy is the project manager of the NTPsec open source project!) The completely optional beautiful clear plastic stand is a leaflet holder from the local office supply store.


tychotithonus (Royce Williams) said...

Nice - short and sweet (though I'd be interested in hearing which NTP server you're using, what your tuned 'time1' value is, etc.)

Chip Overclock said...

The README and source code in the git repository should answer some of your questions: https://github.com/coverclock/com-diag-candleclock .