Wednesday, March 29, 2017

John Sloan and Internet Protocol version 6

Once again my good friends at Gogo Business Aviation in Broomfield Colorado have been following my work, this time on the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) testbed that I wrote about in Buried Treasure. They invited my alter ego John Sloan to give a talk about it. The fact that they fed us all pizza may have had more to do with the packed house than the topic at hand. But Gogo has a vast system of cell towers - whose antennas point up - and an associated ground network to talk to aircraft that use their Air To Ground (ATG) network connectivity product. So they know a thing or two about networking in the cloud.

The folks at Gogo recorded the talk, made it available on YouTube, and generously allowed me to share it. You can find the slides for this talk on GitHub.

Thanks once again to my colleagues at Gogo Business Aviation for sponsoring this talk. It was fun!

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